Michael Jackson
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Today, we celebrate the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who would have turned 59 years old. The 13-time Grammy winner first garnered attention as the youngest performer in the family-fronted Jackson 5. Soon after, Jackson came into his own, launching his super-successful solo career in the '80s that ultimately cemented his genius in pop culture HIStory.

Aside from churning out countless hit songs and coining dance moves all his own, the legend—who passed away in 2009—was also known for his out-of-this-world fashion sense. From his red leather "Thriller" jacket to his moonwalking outfit of thick white socks and penny loafers with a single sequined white glove in "Billie Jean," today we find ourselves especially nostalgic for the days when Jackson was setting a standard of style.

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Though he has passed, the King of Pop’s influence can be seen throughout pop culture still today, from bedazzled military-style jackets to lone white gloves.

In honor of his birthday, take a look back at Jackson's most memorable outfits.