I Tried to Recreate Taylor Swift’s Epic #Squad Photo

Taylor Swift Squad Photo - Lead
Photo: Instagram/@taylorswift

If there's one person who slays Instagram, it's Taylor Swift—especially when she’s hanging out with her squad. Feeling a little bit of FOMO after her epic Fourth of July celebration at her house in Rhode Island, I decided to gather up my own girlfriends in the arguably equally scenic Central Park in N.Y.C. to attempt to recreate her epic jumping 'gram (pictured above) with a little help from One King's Lane's towels ($29; onekingslane.com). I soon realized, however, that while Swift executed it flawlessly (as far as we can see), it took us a little more legwork.

After a solid five minutes of mustering up the courage to strip down to our bikinis in one of the world's biggest tourist spots, 10 futile attempts to fix our hair between jumps, and 30 minutes of straight ready-set-leaping (basically our cardio for the rest of the week), we learned a thing or two about jumping pics via some fairly epic fails. Below, our three steps toward achieving Swift's Instagram glory (or something like it).

1. The Squat

Taylor Swift Squad Photo - Embed 2

Our first 10 or so shots went a lot like this one—crouched down in squat position not quite caught in the air. Let's just say that snapping a shot at the perfect moment took a lot more coordination and cheerleader-style chanting than we initially anticipated.

2. The Half-Jump

Taylor Swift Squad Photo - Embed 1

Once the camera was on point, we had to face the inevitable reality that timing between all six of us was going to be a bigger challenge. Not only that, but we also had to concede to the lack of height we were able to reach with our leaps.

3. The Money Shot

Taylor Swift Squad Photo - Embed 3

Well, 45 minutes later and this is about as close as we got. Though we didn’t quite reach the Insta-perfection of Swift, we did enjoy some quality laughs—no "Bad Blood" between us at all.

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