Relive All the Behind-the-Scenes Action of Last Night’s InStyle Golden Globes with Heidi Klum, Nikki Reed, Malin Ackerman and More!

Nikki Reed
Photo: Courtesy Photo

Last night we brought you behind the scenes as we live streamed the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes viewing party! There were so many great videos to choose from thanks to celebs including Heidi Klum, Malin Ackerman, Jamie Chung and many others, who were smack dab in the middle of all of the action.

One of our favorite videos of the night was Nikki Reed, who spoke about catching up with old friends and who she had her money on at the party. “It’s really an honor to be here,” she tells InStyle. “It’s exciting, I see beautiful people all around me. It’s interesting because this is the best place to catch up with people you haven’t seen for year!”

“I’m, hoping that I win the big prize tonight, I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into my voting. I’m doing well—I keep going with Jenifer Lawrence so I’m hoping I’m going to win!”

We had so much fun last night -- you don’t want to miss a single video. Watch Nikki's video below and click here to see all of our behind-the-scenes video from last night's InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes viewing party!

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