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I am a pretty big bath enthusiast. I might even go so far as to call myself a scholar of the subject. Soaking in a tub of water with an adult beverage and some excellent tunes is my happiest of happy places, and some thought must be given to crafting an excellent bath time playlist.

Good soaking songs are chill, soothing, and just a bit sexy. You're already naked (or maybe nekid?) you might as well indulge your sensual side. Peppy, energetic, loud music has no place on my playlist; it's all about being lulled into a soft, hazy, steamy trance so I can forget my woes for at least an hour. The below are a few of the songs that help me do this. (There's also a full playlist linked at the bottom, if you would like to check that out.)

Oh, and if you need help picking products and beverages, check out Rachel's excellent and indulgent bath guide.

"All Dolled Up in Straps" — The National

The chorus of this song is beautiful and relaxing and melodic but it's Matt Berninger's half-singing/half-talking vocals in the verses that stir something deep in my loins. (I get particularly weak-kneed when he growls "don't interrupt me," because -- oof -- I wouldn't even know how.)

"Sip the Wine" — Rick Danko

A sad, somewhat lost looking Rick Danko plays a small portion of this song during The Last Waltz, but then it gets cut off so Robbie Robertson can hear himself talk some more. It took a small amount of Googling to find,

"Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" — The Broken Social Scene

If the fugue-like refrain in this raspy, wistful tune doesn't partially hypnotizes you into a deeply relaxed state, I don't know what will.

"I've Got the Blues" — The Rolling Stones

This song is best enjoyed while sipping on bourbon in the hottest water you can stand.

"Sometimes I Don't Get You" — Yo La Tengo

No sultry playlist would be complete without Yo La Tengo and the whispery, sincere vocals on "Sometimes I Don't Get You" draw me in and keep entranced for the full three minutes and fifteen seconds.

"Dinosaur Act" — Low

It doesn't really get more chill than Low, and this song will forever be associated with drinking wine on sunny porches with cute, scruffy, guitar-strumming men, which I find very relaxing.

"Wrapped in Piano Strings" — Radical Face

There was a time when I listened to this song about ten times a day and, though I don't play it that much anymore, I'm still not even a little bit sick of it. It has a stumbling, tumbling quality that builds into something breathtaking. (Sidenote: I'm going to see Radical Face twice this month and I am beyond excited.)

"Chelsea Hotel #2" — Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen's touching tribute to Janis Joplin is gentle and tender without being saccharine sweet, and the lyric "we are ugly but we have the music" is one of my favorite lyrics of all time.

"I Couldn't Say It to Your Face" — Arthur Russell

Songs about men leaving suddenly without explanation should give me great anxiety, but this one by Arthur Russell is too beautiful to give me anything but pleasant, if slightly melancholy, feels.

"Sleepyhead" (Stripped-Down Version) — Passion Pit

I love the original version of this song, but it's a bit manic and energetic for bath time. Accompanied solely by a piano, Michael Angelakos takes one of my favorite dance songs to a dreamier place. (I actually recommend listening to all of Passion Pit's acoustic fare; "Moth's Wings" is particularly good.)

"Thirteen" — Big Star

As would be expected, this song makes me feel all the angsty, lusty teenage feelings, plus it has a pretty excellent Stones reference.

Do you have a bath time playlist? Or perhaps some shower songs? What kind of mood do you set for your bathing needs? Oh, and here's that playlist I promised you.