Reese Witherspoon Made a Hilarious Joke About Working From Home

"When you forget to mute yourself on the conference call..."

Many of us have had to begin working at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes celebrities.

Your favorite stars are also stuck inside their homes, likely practicing social distancing the same way you are. Take Reese Witherspoon, for example. She gets it – even if she's just making a fun video to share with followers.

The actress took to Instagram with a hilarious photo where she's shot in character as Little Fires Everywhere's Elena Richardson pretending to be taking a phone call. As she stands at a pay phone (let's pretend it's a prop for her home, of course) she mimes acting out forgetting to have muted yourself during a home conference call.

"When you forget to mute yourself on the conference call and you realize that was YOUR kid screaming 😂," Witherspoon captioned her snap.

The actress has been doing her part to encourage fans and followers to take the appropriate social distancing measures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. She's been appearing on social media as of late with a few fun snapshots in an effort to help encourage people to stay home during these times.

Witherspoon has also been sharing some fun shots from her shoots for Little Fires Everywhere. Last week, she posted a photo of herself doing some research for the '90s by thumbing through an old issue of Seventeen with herself on the cover. Right now, like many of us, however, it looks like she's just working to entertain herself while we get through the pandemic's ultimate weirdness. It's been a strange time for many of us, but humor (as demonstrated here) has been the best way to cope with all of it.

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