She kept how many pairs of Jimmy Choos?


Reese Witherspoon walked away from the Legally Blonde 2 set with one seriously amazing perk: Elle Woods' entire wardrobe!

The actress made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show in London alongside The Morning Show co-star Jennifer Aniston, where Norton asked the pair about memorabilia they had been able to keep from sets over their career. As it turns out, Reese hit the fashion jackpot when it came to wrapping Legally Blonde 2.

"Well, I got all my wardrobe," Reese said of her experience with the film, noting she kept "like, 77" pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes in addition to the amazing outfits she wore as Elle.

"I had it written in my contract," she shared, laughing, as an astonished Jennifer Aniston looked on. She asked if Reese had ever actually worn all 77 pairs – a fair question!

"I've never touched them," Reese admitted, "and on the 15th anniversary, I took them all out of storage and tried them all on, some of them fit, some of them didn't, and then, yeah, it was really cool. And then I showed them all to my daughter and it was really cool." So, Reese could feasibly dress up exactly like Elle Woods basically any day of the week – or have her daughter carry the torch one day. That's pretty cool to hear, especially for fans of the movies.

The actress has teased a Legally Blonde 3 in the past before, though, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that we might see a new sequel in the future. She previously told ET that it's a "development project right now," naming actors like Jennifer Coolidge and Selma Blair who could potentially return to reprise their original roles.

"If we end up doing it, hopefully, they end up all being there," she said of her co-stars.

Lately, Reese has been spotted twinning with Jennifer Aniston on their various press tour stops, with coordinated outfits and dresses throughout their latest red carpet and talk show appearances.

They did the same thing for their Graham Norton debut together, sporting matching black ensembles that basically prove that, yes, they're planning this, and they're pulling off the doppelganger look with flying colors.

But as far as those Legally Blonde outfits go – we definitely want to see those out and about sometime, especially all those pairs of Jimmy Choos!