Reese Witherspoon Celebrates Jennifer Garner's Birthday by Toasting Their "Pretend Babies"

HBD, Jen.

Celebrity besties Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner are celebrating Jen's birthday — but there isn't a rose-gold number balloon or tiny cupcake in sight. Instead, the dynamic duo is doing something pretty far out of left field. Entertainment Tonight reports that in lieu of confetti and cake, the two are celebrating by raising a glass to their "pretend babies." Scratching your head yet? Witherspoon posted a sweet video to Instagram so her followers could see exactly what she meant when she rubbed Garner's stomach and called her "baby" a "burrito."

"We really should not be drinking while we're pregnant," Witherspoon says in the clip, which shows them both with big glasses of wine. "This is a bad idea. Mine's just a burrito," she explains. So, it's not an actual baby or even an actual pretend baby, it's a food baby.

Garner lets out a quick laugh before adding, "Mine's a slice of an avocado."

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They're not losing their minds or in some sort of culinary haze. Their food references could be playing with popular pregnancy apps and books that compare growing babies to common food, like fruits and vegetables. The books don't generally compare little ones to burritos and sliced fruit, but this pair makes it all work, since they're not even pregnant. They're just enjoying their time together after what sounds like pretty great meals.

"Happy birthday to my hilarious friend #JenniferGarner! Here’s to raising our glasses and pretend babies together. What should I name my burrito??" Witherspoon captioned her video on Instagram.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Witherspoon-Garner baby situation, it all goes back to an Ok! cover, which seemed to imply that the two were going to have babies at the same time. They seemed to take it all in stride, continuing the gag to this day.

"Can we raise our imaginary babies together?" Witherspoon wrote in March.

Witherspoon wasn't the only one in a festive mood. Garner posted a celebratory meme on her page to commemorate her birthday. It was, naturally, a bird strutting to Beyoncé. Dad jokes are a thing, but can this be the start of mom memes?

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