Reese Witherspoon Says the Bend and Snap Can Score You a Date

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Reese Witherspoon
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Reese Witherspoon plays a gal getting back on the horse post-divorce in Nancy Myers’ (the producer who brought us The Holiday) latest film, Home Again. Not only that, she moves three young chaps into her family home and undertakes a path of self-discovery—lucky her. But this is a role that really caught Reese's attention, she tells us, "because it really spoke to me. I have been there before. I was a single mom at one point, I worried about what was going to happen to my kids and what was going to happen to me!"

Given her method acting, we wanted to get some love advice from Witherspoon herself. Naturally, her answers will make you LOL. Scroll for her quips and watch the full video above.

Dating dilemma: "I've just come out of a long-term relationship and have decided to join Tinder, what kind of profile picture should I go for?"

RW: “I am really good at this because I help my girlfriends do this all the time! It needs to be romantic and flirty but not overtly sexual so no nudes or bathing suits. It needs to be a little cheeky with a little side ways look so maybe a wink or a little sparkle in the eye!”

Dating dilemma: "I want to make my boyfriend jealous—What are your tips for fake crying?"

RW: “I think the snort—it’s really important that it’s messy and that you snort in the middle if you want to make people laugh. If you want to make people feel bad then silent crying works - like a quiet gasp will make anyone feel bad!”

Dating dilemma: "I meet a boy at the bar, but I want to peacock a bit, what move should I deploy?"

RW: “Why don’t you just do the bend and snap! Well you could spill a drink and snap, so it’s more of a wipe and snap!”

Dating dilemma: "I'm feeling super down about myself—What’s the one thing I should tell myself in the mirror?"

RW: “Sometimes I like to sum it up in basketball player analogies because no one is more confident than an NBA basketball player. So I am like, ‘you have got this, you are LeBron James!’ I say that and ‘if you had LeBron James wouldn’t you want to put him in the game? Be Lebron James!”

Dating dilemma: "I have gotten ‘lucky’ on a night out but I am wearing my holding-in pants —What do I do?"

RW: “I mean you are going to have to run to the bathroom real quick! You are just going to have to take them off and put them in the trash. I know it's super expensive but you are just going to have to do it, it will be worth it!”

Home Again is in theaters now.

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