But how much does Deacon look like Reese these days?


At this point, embarrassing your child while using social media (or attempting to use social media) is essentially a parenting rite of passage, and Reese Witherspoon just achieved hers.

On Sunday, the actress shared a video of herself with her exasperated son, Deacon Phillippe, who was trying to teach her how to use the app TikTok. After explaining what the app is to his mom ("basically, it’s, like, a short-form video platform for kids on social media"), Deacon reluctantly agreed to show her the ropes of the TikTok world.

Her dance moves, however, left her son less than impressed. "You look pretty cool," he said sarcastically, before adding, "This is so embarrassing" and signaling to the person behind the camera to stop filming.

Witherspoon shares Deacon and Ava Phillippe with ex Ryan Phillippe, from whom she split in 2007. And while it's been noted how much Ava has twinned with her mom, it seems like Deacon is also looking more and more like Witherspoon, too.

With any luck (and surely, Deacon's patience), we won't be waiting long until Reese Witherspoon is a TikTok star.