Snacking on shoes for the holidays.


Reese Witherspoon's pooches are already getting into then holiday spirit. You know, how you tear into a delicious spread of food with your family and then lie around in a food coma.

Reese took some hilarious snaps of her two bulldogs Lou and Pepper and shared them with her Instagram followers. In the photos (and one video on her Instagram Story), both pups are standing in front of her looking positively guilty. They're surrounded by pairs of Nike slides and sneakers, and while it isn't immediately clear who's responsible, they certainly seem to be hoping Mom doesn't figure it out.

"Which one of you guys ate all the shoes?" Reese asked her cuddly canines. "Pepper, was it you?"

Reese Witherspoon - Dogs
Credit: Instagram/reesewitherspoon

Reese also shared a poll for her Instagram followers in a bid to try and figure out who was responsible.

"Lou, did you eat all the shoes?" Reese repeated in her clip. The culprit soon became clear in a new snap of one of the "suspects." Little Lou showed up in Reese's Instagram story clad in his little Santa sweater snoozing away, snuggled into a dog bed. Looks like we have a winner.

"Shoe coma," Reese captioned the snap of her naughty little dog.

Reese Witherspoon - Dog in Shoe Coma
Credit: Instagram/reesewitherspoon

Reese has dealt with little Lou chewing up several of her belongings in the past, such as her rug. But she can't stay mad at the adorable pup for long, because who could be mad at a face like Lou's? The satisfied pooch is already forgiven, having happily chowed down on some delicious shoes. Ah, to live the dog's life.