Reese Witherspoon Posed With Her Nearly Identical Brother for a Rare Photo

"Love you big bro!"

Reese Witherspoon spent some time in Nashville recently to celebrate her big brother's birthday.

The Big Little Lies star shared a rare snap on Sunday (Oct. 13), beaming alongside sibling John D. Witherspoon as they cruised around Nashville together. It's a fairly normal photo – except when you realize how strikingly similar the two look.

"Happy Birthday to my big brother who always volunteers to be my chauffeur when I’m in Nashville," Witherspoon captioned the #twinning post. "He is also good at many important things like: setting up electronic devices, cleaning AC filters, smoking 5lbs of ribs for a party, and changing oil filters. All of these skills are much appreciated by his Sister. Love you big bro!" The pair look so much alike, they could certainly pass for twins.

"P.S. I need help with my WiFi today... can you come over?" Witherspoon joked in her post. While this isn't the first time we've seen Big Bro and Little Sis together in a photo, it's certainly a rare occasion. One of the last times we had a look at the pair posing together was in April, as Witherspoon shared a throwback photo with her brother in celebration of National Siblings Day.

"Happy #NationalSiblingsDay to the best big brother!" she captioned the throwback of them as kids. "What's that saying? Fashion fades but family is forever?? 😂 Love you!" the actress wrote.

Previously, the pair were also snapped together in 2014, when they spent some time together in a Nashville donut shop.

"Love seeing my brother," Reese wrote at the time. "He shares my love for doughnuts and that's how I know we are related." Reese and brother John are absolutely the spitting image of one another. It's apparently a trend that's continued throughout the Witherspoon lineage, as seen in recent family photos of Reese and her children.

We love to see Reese and John twinning together, so hopefully more snaps are coming.

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