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Reed’s back!

Nine months after suspending operations of his signature luxury ready-to-wear and accessories collection, Reed Krakoff announced on Wednesday that a new line is coming soon—to Kohl’s. And the designs, which he presented in a Chelsea showroom, will cost under $129.

That represents big news for shoppers, and for Krakoff, too, who has been slowly revealing his future plans, which will include other art-related projects. The Kohl’s line, in fact, takes its cues from many of the styles he introduced over the last five years, including colorful neoprene dresses, some printed with paintings or brush strokes of Krakoff’s own designs, and athletic style shells in luxe color combinations. Given his history as the former president and executive creative director of Coach, there are naturally some outstanding bags, designed with personalization in mind. Customers ordering online will have options to create monograms on ID tags and mini-bags that attach to them.

Why now?

“I’ve become quite good at mixing all the things I love,” Krakoff said. “This began a year ago, when we started talking about doing something more accessible, harvesting all the equities and the archive of the first five years of the company, but then making it a little younger and a little more everyday.”

The results were different than even Krakoff had imagined for the prices, including custom fabrics, and casual bags that look anything but.

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“This was more about surprising people about what you can do,” he said. I’m always interested in doing something different, and the idea you can create a bag, or a neoprene dress, at this price, was a challenge for me. But I love that we are creating a new space for accessible luxury. Doing something that is not so expensive turns out to be a little freeing, in a way.”