Credit: Red Nose Project

With just days until Red Nose Day and its Love Actually mini sequel arrive in the United States, stars like Julia Roberts, Keira Knightley, and Ben Affleck are helping us count down to May 25 with a new promo video.

Sporting the red noses that have become synonymous with the charity—which raises money for kids living in poverty—beloved stars like Knightley, Liam Neeson, and Laura Linney from the cast of Love Actually, Ed Sheeran, Patrick Dempsey, and more big names make cameos in the short clip to encourage viewers to support the cause.

Neeson's sign reads "Red Nose Day is coming," before we see Bill Gates encouraging us, "So start raising money." The video then shows stars passing around the red noses before McDreamy attempts to juggle a few of the round schnozzes at once.

The third annual Red Nose Day commences with a televised special on May 25 on NBC at 10 p.m. ET and includes the U.S. premiere of the Love Actually mini sequel, titled Red Nose Actually.

Watch the full promo video above.