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It's official—there is absolutely no reason to ever leave your computer again!, a high-end antiques and jewelry retailer, is adding haute couture, designer fashion and accessories to its repertoire. It will feature an edited selection from the best vintage boutiques across the nation like The Way We Wore, Resurrection and Rare Vintage. Their lineup is completely lust-worthy and includes a Paco Rabanne chain mail dress and a Balenciaga cocktail dress from the '60s (far left). But the vintage news continues: is collaborating with world-renowned jewelry collector Deanna Farneti Cera on a series of thematic sales featuring baubles from her vast collection of vintage costume jewelry. After seeing the Christian Lacroix heart earrings (near left, top) and Karl Lagerfeld bracelet (near left, bottom) available, buying brand-new suddenly seems quite passe.

• Balenciaga Dress from Rare Vintage, price upon request; visit• Christian Lacroix Earrings, $375; visit• Karl Lagerfeld Bracelet, $450; visit