By Josephine Cusumano
Updated Feb 25, 2014 @ 5:58 am
Jennifer Lawrence
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Jennifer Lawrence has come a long way from her Academy Award debut back in 2011, where she made her mark on the red carpet with a custom-designed Calvin Klein gown. "Don't forget how young and unknown she was at that point—she was nominated for Winter's Bone—and that was a very different look," explains Fashion News Director Eric Wilson during InStyle‘s Google Oscar Hangout Debate. "She wasn't really known as this glamorous woman until she stepped out on that carpet in that very particular striking dress, and she stood out so well." Three years later and a total of three Oscar nominations under her belt, Lawrence is back and up for an Oscar based on her supporting role in the '70s-inspired film American Hustle. As for this year's look, everyone can't help but wonder if she will wear Dior again!

Usually Wears: Lawrence tends to stick to neutral colors from whites to dark hues, but she plays up each look with either structured, sheer, or textured designs.

Wildcard Factors: From strapless gowns, cropped tops, to sheer paneling,Lawrence doesn't shy away from fun silhouettes and is always ready to take a fashion risk. Want proof? Just look at her sheer gray knitted Christian Dior Couture gown from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere.

What We'd Like To See: "I think the new couture Jennifer Lawrence is the Jennifer Lawrence you're going to have for a while," says Wilson during InStyle‘s Google Oscar Hangout Debate. "I know she renegotiated her relationship with Dior so she is very attached to the designer there and he's very much inspired by her so I can't see the likelihood of her wearing something else."

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