Jennifer Aniston's fishtail braid by Chris McMillan.
Credit: Instagram/mrchrismcmillan

Jennifer Aniston continues to be our hair muse! We confess—we've basically been coveting her look since the "Rachel" era, but her brunet lob prompted us to make a dramatic chop once more, and the recent Instagram her mane man Chris McMillan posted is giving us major side braid inspiration. Last night, the hair pro showcased the tousled fishtail plait he created for the star (above), and while the intricate effect may seem intimidating, you can master the look with a little patience and the right products.

Second-day strands are ideal for a style like this, as clean hair can be too slippery to hold a braid, so start by spritzing on a texturizer like Living Proof's ($26; to add some grip. Then, sweep all of your hair to either side of your head, and separate into two even sections. Unlike a traditional braid, which uses three strands, a fishtail only needs two, so grab a thin strand from the outside of each section and pull them across so that they intersect in the middle. Repeat the motions throughout the length of each section, making sure to grab strands that are roughly the same size in thickness for a more symmetrical result. Once you've reached the ends of your hair, tie off your plait with a ponytail holder, and pull out a few face-framing tendrils to complete the look.