By Sharon Clott Kanter
Oct 23, 2015 @ 3:00 pm
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Rebel Wilson has always been vocal about how she loves to dress up for the red carpet. Now, she’s stepping up her game by creating her own designs. The Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect star teamed up with plus-size fashion brand Torrid to design a capsule collection for sizes 12 to 28, named Rebel for Torrid, that will hit stores and online Nov. 1.

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Last night was the first time she debuted the 25-piece line, when she threw a big kickoff bash at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. Wilson’s personality was all over the party, both in décor and the clothes. Signs hung everywhere that said Rebel-esque sayings, like “Welcome to Rebelution” and “This Is Dope.” As for the clothes, which range from $29 to $125, you’ll be able to spot a koala in the prints to reflect her Aussie roots and microphone zipper pulls to show her love of stand-up and singing.

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Speaking of singing, her fellow Barden Bellas Alexis Knapp and Chrissie Fit, Stacie and Flo respectively, came to support her new project. Wilson even hit the stage with California Crooners Club singers Gabe Roland, Emile Welman, and Hugh Sheridan to belt out a tune as partygoers wove in and out of the display of her designs.

We caught up with Wilson before the soiree, sitting down with her to discuss the capsule for InStyle's November issue, now on newsstands and available for digital download. Scroll down to find out how she fell in love with Torrid, what she really wanted to include in the collection, and how you can be a rebel just like her.

When did you first fall in love with Torrid? 
I wore a pair of black Torrid jeans for a photoshoot a few years ago and I was like, "Wow! Who designed these?” They felt like designer jeans but they fit me perfectly. It was a completely new feeling. Some people claim to be very unlucky in love. I've always been very unlucky in jeans. It was my curse, but not anymore. 

Do you shop there often?
Ever since the jean revelation, I've become aware of Torrid's clothing. I especially love shopping for their stuff online. Torrid, as a company, has really changed in the last few years and become the coolest plus-size brand. So I find myself wearing their clothes all the time. Lately I've been rocking this black jumpsuit and little black jacket everywhere. They just fit so well. 

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What was your first meeting with the team at Torrid like? 
My first meeting with the Torrid ladies was awesome. It was held at my agent's office in Beverly Hills. It's very fancy over there—like a street away from Rodeo Drive. We all sat down in an extremely huge conference room filled with quality snacks. (You always have to have quality snacks if it's to be a quality meeting!) My lovely assistant Katie had helped me create vision boards of all my different fashion influences and clothes that I like to wear in real life. It was a crapload of cutting and pasting to put those boards together. It felt like I was doing a school project. 

Brian Henn

How are these pieces an expression of your personality?
I have a lot of different tastes when it comes to the clothes I wear. I definitely have an urban side, a preppy side, a funny bold side, a pretty side, and these pieces encapsulate these aspects of my personality. For this first launch, we went for a fierce and fun, straight-up Rebel vibe. The colors are mainly black and red. I always feel spunky when I wear red. 

Brian Henn

Is that why your name is all over sweaters and T-shirts?
Rebel is my name and in the name of the collection, so we use that a lot. I want people to be a rebel in their own lives. I've always been a non-conformist. That’s actually that's what my high school principal wrote in my final school report. I never just accepted things as they were, especially if they were unfair. No one thought I would be a feature film actress crushing it around the world, but I beat the odds and have achieved so much. I want this energy to rub off on other people and encourage girls and women out there to go out and crush it in their lives. Yes. It's a message.

While a tee covered in Rebels is pretty obvious, sometimes the references to your world are subtle. Can you explain?
I added a few little details on the clothing like the microphone zipper pulls which are inspired by my early days of doing stand-up comedy and my love of belting out a big tune into a microphone. I also love the message that everyone has a voice and something important to say, so why not have a few more microphones in your life? It's a symbolic encouragement to speak up and express yourself.

Brian Henn