Watch Rebel Wilson Demonstrate How to Take a Flattering Red Carpet Photo

On this week's episode of Dirty Laundry, InStyle's Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown sits down with Rebel Wilson to get her take on fashion, confidence, and red carpet posing.

"I didn't know a lot about fashion. I didn't care much about fashion, but when I moved to Hollywood, I had to learn some stuff. I had to dress for the red carpet—talk about fashion pressure," the Australian actress and fashion designer tells Brown.

"My agents did say that I needed to go to school to learn how to wear high heels. I've never yet been to that school. Don't even know whether that exists," she jokes.

After a few years in the biz, Wilson knows what to do to make herself feel red-carpet ready. "Fashion to me, a lot of the time, means comfort and confidence, and a lot of my fashion now is very bodycon so you feel sexy and you feel confident, but then you also feel comfortable in what you're wearing," she says.

VIDEO: Rebel Wilson and Laura Brown Show Off Matching Rebel Wilson x Angels Jackets

As for that ideal red carpet pose, Wilson let Brown in on a little secret, and it all has to do with angles. "I normally like keep those thighs in together. I normally pop either one knee or the other knee, pop it out. And then I do a little lean forward. It's a little trick to minimize this little pouchy area. So if you lean forward almost on a 30-degree angle …" she demonstrates. "At 30 degrees you look hotter in the picture."

Wilson even launched a new fashion line, Rebel Wilson x Angels, to help curvy girls get that same confidence from their clothing. Watch the clips above, and catch the full video over on the PEN Network.

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