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Just in time for beach season, Rebecca Taylor is rolling out the cutest possible collaboration with swimwear line Giejo, designed by Gabby Sabharwal. Inspired by the vintage dresses that Taylor's mom wore in the 1970s, plus the designer's signature leopard print, the capsule collection consists of separates ($100 to $125) that are made to mix and match. To celebrate the launch, we asked the designers to dish on their swimwear shopping strategies. Read on for their tips, then get ready to take a dip!

What do you look for in a swimsuit?

Rebecca Taylor: When I shop for suits, the two most important things are comfort and enough coverage.

Gabby Sabharwal: The most important is fit. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being practically naked in public, so you have to be feeling your best! Prints are also important to me. When I started Giejo, I also wanted something unique, so that you wouldn't see yourself coming and going on the beach. Our limited-edition designs are made from deadstock fabric for this very reason.

When it comes to figure flattery, what are some important things to think about when swim shopping?

Taylor: I think it's knowing what silhouettes look good on your body type. Also, I find that fabric is really important to me. I look for swimwear that is durable and going to maintain its elasticity. I really love the new seamless fabrics Gabby uses.

Sabharwal: Seamless suits have also been a huge innovation. While double needle stitching does provide more support, seamless technology ensures no digging ... my biggest pet peeve.

What's your fitting room philosophy?

Taylor: I usually purchase all my swimwear online. I actually do most of my purchases online these days. I prefer to try my swim on at home on a skinny day.

Sabharwal: Check the return policy so you can buy and try on in the comfort of your home. I prefer to try on my swim first thing in the morning since that's typically when I am feeling my best.

Gabby, what do you love about Rebecca's aesthetic?

Sabharwal: I have always been inspired by not only Rebecca’s aesthetic, unique point of view in the contemporary market and her ability to create vibrant and innovative prints, but also by her nurturing and encouraging nature as a designer and mentor—which is rare to find in fashion. It is such an honor for me to collaborate with her on her first foray into swimwear. I started my career working on her runway show as an intern in PR, so we have really come full circle.

Rebecca, what do you love about Gabby's style?

Taylor: I love Gabby’s unique perspective in the swimwear market and the idea of interchangeable and multifunctional swim pieces that you can customize to your body type. Giejo’s swim is versatile and modern while providing a great fit.

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