By Jennifer Ferrise
Jan 01, 2013 @ 2:00 pm
Kelly Stuart

For our Ask a Designer page in InStyle’s January issue, designer Rebecca Minkoff sounds off on all the New Year’s resolutions that have been on her bucket list. What’s on her mind in 2013? Find out below!

Do a monthly hair mask. “I have really curly hair, plus I do a lot of blowouts. I should probably start taking better care of it!”

Keep weekends work-free. “I’m in my office all week from 9 to 5, and after I put my son to bed, I answer email late into the night. I’m going to make Saturday and Sunday the time when I don’t do this.”

Learn French. “Paris is my favorite place in the world and I think I’d love it even more if I could speak the language.”

For more of Minkoff’s resolutions and for her style Q&A with readers, flip to page 50 of InStyle’s January issue. On the go? Download the issue on your iPad, Nook, or Droid tablet!