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If you've ever wanted to sit front row at New York Fashion Week with some of the coolest insiders, here's your chance. Designer Rebecca Minkoff filmed her Fall 2015 runway show in virtual reality, and now she's giving us a 360-degree view of all the action through a pop-up cardboard viewer. Here's how it works: Order a Rebecca Minkoff cardboard pop-up VR viewer ($30;, then download Minkoff's free app for iOs ( or Android ( Once you've downloaded the app, you'll have access to the video of the runway show. Just pop your smartphone into the slot in the back of the viewer, press play, and peep through the viewer's lenses. Trust us—you're going to want to get the full VR experience, so move the viewer up, down, left, and right to be transported to the New York City set.

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