Rebecca Minkoff - Lead
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Rebecca Minkoff’s fall 2015 collection was replete with the shearling, fringe, and boho-like, shimmying dresses that a modern-day hippie would love to rock to at an outdoor musical festival. But now the designer is showcasing an entirely different, high-tech side. Last fall, Minkoff teamed up with Case-Mate to create a set of 2015-approved bracelets that serve as the answer to all of your low-battery qualms—and they’re officially on sale now.

At first glance, the strikingly handsome pieces look like any other bauble that can easily complement and elevate your wrist game; however, the contemporary​ jewelry actually serves as your iPhone’s best friend. Adorned with a gold chain-link and black pyramid studs, the Notification Bracelet ($120; works as an on-point personal assistant and uses Bluetooth technology to vibrate each time incoming calls and texts come into your mobile device. Similarly, the Lighting Cable Bracelet ($58; sports a sleek black leather strap and gold clasp that while stylish also hides a USB connector that you can use to charge your phone.

Feel free to channel the '70s-inspired unplugged easy of Minkoff’s clothing but remember that you don’t have to disconnect altogether. Both bracelets are available at Rebecca Minkoff stores and