By Anna Hecht
Oct 07, 2015 @ 1:45 pm
Noam Galai

Attendees at Rebecca Minkoff's athleisure fashion show Tuesday got a first look at the collection’s super-cool apparel—and got to shop the line, as well. With moto jacket-inspired pieces and strappy sports bras, Minkoff’s designs are so chic, they can easily be worn both in and out of the gym.

The event, which was hosted by AOL BUILD, featured Minkoff’s collection as part of AOL’s first-ever live, shoppable fashion show. Following the runway presentation, Minkoff sat down for a Q&A with InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large, Kahlana Barfield.


Minkoff’s inspiration for the line stemmed from the women who populate her own office. During the interview, Minkoff said that when conceiving the collection, she looked around at her 120 or so employees who want to look chic, but who also have busy lifestyles and want to be able to go to the gym at the drop of a hat.

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“These girls want to be a little bit more casual and look like they—maybe—went to the gym,” Minkoff laughed. “I wanted to speak to that woman, so that she can be stylish while celebrating this new movement of casual wear.”

In creating the athleisure line, Minkoff said she wanted to play with colors—similar to how other athletic brands incorporate neon hues into their sportswear collections—but “without being too bright and shiny.” To accomplish this, the designer came up with several designs that feature ombré gradations that fade into bright colors without overwhelming the eye. For instance, one of Minkoff’s favorite pieces in the line is this neoprene Wes Moto Jacket ($198;, which makes the perfect post-workout cover-up.

Noam Galai

When asked about her own fitness routine, Minkoff said her dream would be to work out five days a week, but due to her busy schedule, she often only makes it to the gym twice weekly. But, when she does find the time, she practices a mix of strength core training and Y7 Yoga, which is yoga done to hip-hop.

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And now, thanks to her new collection of gym attire, the designer said her workout look has gotten a major upgrade from the “old T-shirts and sweatpants” she formerly wore. “Me and a bunch of the girls definitely gave the new collection a test-run. But prior to that, I needed a major workout gear intervention,” Minkoff said. “This [collection] is incredible because it speaks to myself and speaks to my customer. It's fun and you get to celebrate, you know, working out—or not—just looking like you did.”

See more athleisure-inspired looks from Minkoff's collection below:

Noam Galai
Noam Galai
Noam Galai
Noam Galai