Scandal, Kerry Washington
Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Finally! After several torturous episodes, Olive Pope (Kerry Washington) has been rescued by the highest bidder on the international auction. Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield), determined not to let the CIA sacrifice her friend, hunts down former gladiator, Stephen Finch, and finagles a way for him to accept the $2 billion auction prize (Olivia) on Russia's behalf, ultimately saving her life. Thank goodness!

Olivia springs into action after she realizes that her buyer is on her side. She grabs Stephen's gun, shoots her captor in the leg, and kicks him repeatedly in the gut after he falls to the ground. In this scene, we couldn't help but notice her kick-butt Burberry boots. "We needed a solid boot so that she had lots of support," costume designer, Lyn Paolo tells InStyle. "We knew that she was going to do a lot of action-related things in this episode so that's why we put her in those."

As for the rest of her outfit, don't forget that those items were all picked out by her captors, who had previously been surveilling her for months to make sure she looked as 'Olivia Pope' as possible for her prospective auction bidders. "We wanted the look to be slightly off from her normal look so that it was clear that her kidnappers dressed her," Paolo explains. "We wouldn't normally use this particular coat on Olivia. Baby pink is not generally in her colorway, but overall it looks like they were at least trying." Paolo paired the Burberry boots with J. Brand jeans, a Vince boatneck sweater, and a Burberry coat to top it off.

Scandal is going on a brief hiatus (sigh), but be sure to tune in when the show returns to ABC on March 5th!