In this regular series, we demonstrate how our most avid readers sport the trends in our magazine. Look for it on What's Right Now every week, and be sure to try out a look or two yourself and tweet us a photo @InStyle using #inspiredbyinstyle. Today, we’re featuring Reader of the Week Hailey Middleton, aka The Middle Closet

Updated Nov 07, 2015 @ 9:00 am
Hailey Middleton of Denver
Credit: Courtesy

Some runway trends are impossible to pull off, but it turns out, the notorious dress over pants look isn't one of them. Once I found the perfect texture, length, silhouette, and color (celadon!), all I needed was a pair of slim-fit bottoms, like these trusty black skinny jeans, and I was ready for Tommy Ton! Finishing with leopard print booties added an unexpected twist. Now, I'm gearing up to try the eight other "difficult" ensembles, because who doesn't like a little sartorial challenge?

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