Raven Proves She's the Best Wingwoman, Ever, on Bachelor in Paradise

Even the most dedicated citizens of Bachelor Nation may not have known that Raven Gates and Tia Booth are pals, but the two Arkansas natives connected while the cameras weren't rolling — and got to show off just how close they are. During tonight's Bachelor in Paradise, Raven sat down with Tia and acted as the voice of reason (aka the voice of every viewer watching) and set the record straight with Colton.

Bachelor in Paradise Cast
ABC/Paul Hebert

"I do not want to see you in heartbreak," Raven told Tia during a sisterly heart-to-heart. "You have to really see the real person that Colton is. Is this a façade? Is he doing what everybody else wants him to do? Is he really into you?"

The tête-à-tête happened after Tia went with her second date with Colton. Post-dance competition, Raven and her beau, Adam, arrived in Paradise during the showdown, which allowed for the talk. Like any good friend and contestant on a Bachelor show, Raven questioned Colton's intentions. Was he with Tia for the right reasons? Could she do better? By asking the questions Tia couldn't voice herself, Raven wasn't just being a great wingwoman, she was basically saying what every viewer was thinking — okay, yelling at the TV.

Viewers saw Raven try and be supportive of the burgeoning relationship, but even she couldn't keep up the act.

"I'm trying to be supportive," she said. "But Tia, I don't think Colton has the right intentions."

Tia has been getting plenty of camera time this go-round and it's no surprise that America is rooting for her. But fans can see what she can't: Colton's probably just aching for some time in front of the cameras, too, and he's latched onto someone who can give him that.

And like any friend who gives advice, Raven should have steeled herself for Tia's ultimate decision. Bachelor Nation wants the best for its stars, no matter what. After a talk with Colton, the couple decided to make it official and be "boyfriend and girlfriend."

Eye rolls aside, Raven did her due diligence. Now, all she can do is be the shoulder to cry on when everything undoubtedly goes just the way she said it would.

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