By Jenny Berg
Updated Aug 10, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

Ellen Degeneres, your selfie competition has arrived. On Thursday, Rashida Jones posted a casual #TBT snap that showcased her and a few friends back in the day. And, oh my God. When Michael Jackson is just one of the famous faces that appears in a photo, you know you have a winner.

Take a peek at the crowd baby Rashida rolled with.

Paul McCartney. Linda McCartney. MINI STELLA MCCARTNEY! No big deal. Oh, and Quincy Jones is also in that shot. Did we mention MJ?

Now, we've seen other celebs work throwback magic. Just last week, Kelly Ripa served up delicious '90s sizzle that made us laugh out loud. Kendall Jenner frequently brings the Thursday fiercess. But this star-studded 'gram is truly one for the books.