When selecting a bridesmaid, people usually draw from a pool of their closest and most responsible friends—creativity is definitely a plus, but rapping skills? Not typically a consideration.

This bride, however, made the best decision of her life when she elected her incredibly talented pal Katie to fill one of the elusive roles. Not only does Katie know how to spit verses like fire (that’s what the kids are saying, right?), but she clearly knows a ton about the newlywed couple.

Clad in a long, blush-colored gown, “The Real Slim Katie” was asked to stand up and approach the dance floor at the coolest wedding reception the world has ever seen. Basking in the spotlight like the rap goddess she is (step aside, Nicki), Katie commanded her audience to grab a drink while the opening bars of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” began to play. Copyright laws be damned, Katie rapped along to the 2000 classic, modifying the lyrics to tell the story of newlywed couple Trevor and Jess.

BEHOLD: Pure magic.

Someone get this girl a record deal, STAT.