Raja Boho: Freida Pinto Plays Up Her Carefree Beauty in New Free People Campaign

Freida Pinto - Free People
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Freida Pinto is the new celebrity ambassador for Free People! Yesterday, the brand released Rangeen, a 5-minute short film in which Pinto complements the boho-chic wardrobe picks with her honed acting chops. "Freida was fantastic and incredibly involved from beginning to end," says Free People Art Director Lauren Cohan. Speaking to InStyle.com exclusively, Cohan adds: "We met after presenting her with the concept and allowed her as much creative freedom as she needed. She added her own point of view to the storyline and developed her character in the film."

Shot on location in Rajasthan, India, the film begins with Maya (played by Pinto, natch) meeting with her best friend, who unexpectedly brings her brother Tom along for the trip. The short ends (spoiler alert!) with Maya and Tom two falling in love amidst the energy and bold colors of the Holi Festival. "The colors and sentiment of the Holi Festival make a perfect metaphor for falling in love," Cohan adds. "We loved the idea of rain washing everything away in the end, revealing the characters' true colors and allowing them to really 'see each other.'"

Freida Pinto - Free People
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In the stunning video and campaign photos, Pinto showcases Free People's spring/summer collection of intricate prints, lived-in denim, and flowing maxi dresses, and was just as warm and friendly on set as you'd expect. "Freida was so lovely, professional, and such a pleasure to work with. She made sure every scene was accurately portrayed to protect the integrity of her culture, and made us feel like a comfortable guest in her home country," Cohan adds. Keep an eye out for Pinto's campaign, which goes up on freepeople.com next week, and head over to YouTube to see the film in full!

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