By Andrea Cheng
Updated Oct 14, 2014 @ 1:46 pm
Monique Lhuillier Bridal Fall 2015
Credit: Courtesy

The significance of a bridal dress is not lost on anyone, especially Monique Lhuillier. When it comes to designing wedding dresses, Lhuillier says she makes it a point to make sure each number is fantastical, exceptional, and special for the big day. And her fall 2015 collection is no different. In fact, she took things a step further by likening her creations to treasures and transforming her showroom space into a larger-than-life jewelry box, complete with a ballerina who poised and pirouetted at the entrance.

"A treasure box holds beautiful surprises, and that's what I had in mind when I designed these pieces—each one is so individual and so beautiful in its own way," she says of her collection. "I was very inspired by color and a play on fabrics, so there's this light, effortless feeling about them. They're magical, they're treasures."

Sure enough, each model floated down the runway in clouds of tulle. But what was noteworthy to point out—of the 12 dresses, only five were washed in traditional white or ivory. The majority of the collection played with pistachios and mints, peaches and primrose, muted lavenders, and metallics (a first for her) like antique gold and rose gold. "After [my spring 2015 show,] the colors really resonated with me," she explains. "I'm here to infuse more options and introduce newness, to keep fashion and bridal moving forward. I was trying to let brides see you can wear color and still be special, still feel like a bride."

While the famous hydrangea blue hue from last season was nowhere in sight, the pistachios and mints carried over, but in more saturated states. Blush, too, a signature color, was deeper than ever: "I amped it up this time, I'm making it strong and stronger—every time I approach bridal, I ask myself, what haven't I done? How can I elevate it? That what's I do every season."