By Josephine Cusumano
Updated Aug 29, 2013 @ 10:00 am
Rachel Zoe InStyle September Issue
Credit: Dean Kaufman

For InStyle’s September issue, photographer Dean Kaufman took us on an exclusive tour inside Rachel Zoe’s home in Beverly Hills, snapping shots of Zoe’s minimalist décor, from her all-white living room (now a driveway for son Skyler’s cars) to Rachel’s dream walk-in closet. And now that the issue is on newsstands, the celebrity stylist said she's thrilled to have opened up her home to her InStyle fans. “You know those things are always really dicey and it’s obviously my personal space, my home, my son’s and our rooms, but InStyle is such a classy magazine and [Editor] Ariel [Foxman] is a friend for a long time so I was not nervous,” she told at the launch of Covet Fashion’s gaming app in New York (she is the app’s Style Ambassador). “They really just got the light perfect and I really loved it.” As for her favorite shot? It’s the photograph above. “We actually stopped shooting, my son had just woken up from a nap and he came running out in his pajamas,” Zoe explained. “I picked him up and he was like, ‘Oh take a picture!’ It was really funny.” Click "See the Photos" to tour inside Rachel Zoe's home, then flip to page 688 in the Drew Barrymore-covered September issue or download it on your tablet to view more.