Rachel Zoe Wears the Rachel Zoe Collection

Rachel Zoe
Photo: Getty; Courtesy of Rachel Zoe

Stylist Rachel Zoe couldn't be busier! She dressed Oscars host Anne Hathaway in eight different outfits tonight, she's nine months pregnant, and she's launching her first eponymous collection this fall. This weekend—among all of the hustle and bustle—she also played publicist and wore a piece from her new lineup to the Charles Finch and Chanel Pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles on Saturday. "I'm wearing my own dress, and it will be available in August," Zoe told us of the black and gold shift, which she first showed in a white-and-black variation for her lookbook (inset). "I'm about to go into hiding for a little bit so why not wear my own stuff while I can?" We love the new black version!

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Sharon Clott, with reporting by Andrea Simpson

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