By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 7:00 am
Credit: rachelzoe/Instagram

Nintendo’s Game Boy and portable Walkmans may have been the closest thing to cell phones that kids of the ‘90s passed time with, but a new generation of the world’s youth is fully embracing what our adult selves are so obsessed with: social media. Enter Rachel Zoe’s adorable two sons, Skyler, 5, and Kaius, 2, with husband Rodger Berman.

As the stylist, former reality TV star, and newly-minted baby gear designer recently told InStyle, her two boys have to have their daily dose of online play, specifically, with Snapchat. “My boys are so obsessed with Snapchat that it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. Thankfully, they don’t know how to actually do a post, meaning like to go all the way through, but they literally fight for my phone and say ‘Snapchat!’” she told us. “Kaius has this really adorable lisp and he just goes, ‘Snapchat! Snapchat!! And they love the face changes. I mean, they love it.”

And she’s not joking. Zoe frequently takes to Instagram to share cute pictures of the brothers, who love Snapchat’s silly, kid-approved filters.

All things tech aside, Zoe’s sons do in fact celebrate one hobby of the past: music. “They love classic rock. They love The Beatles. They love pop music. They love Katy Perry. They love Taylor Swift. They really love the Beatles and Billy Joel and Elton John and Cat Stevens. They love the music I love and they love the [Rolling] Stones,” she added, explaining that her children are the reason for her newfound philosophy. “When things get you serious, you have to just start laughing.”

We couldn’t agree more.