Rachel Zoe on Season 3: "It's Vastly Different."

Photo: Douglas Friedman

You may think you know exactly what to expect from the upcoming third season of The Rachel Zoe Project. As Zoe herself put it in a recent telephone call, "Lots of fashion. Lots of photo shoots. All the usual trials and tribulations of Rachel Zoe, Incorporated." But—while the new episodes will certainly have all that (and then some)—the celebrity stylist extraordinaire also said that the underlying storyline of the third season is "very different. It's vastly different. You'll see a new dynamic develop between the team."

Of course, the main reason for the shake-up is the dramatic (and much gossiped about) departure of former assistant Taylor Jacobson, which Zoe confirmed will be dealt with on the August 3 season premiere. "You will see what actually happened. It was just another situation in my career and my life where I got stabbed in the back. I got betrayed," Zoe explained. But she seemed nothing short of thrilled about the transition. "It was time to get the negative energy out. You get to a point where you say that it shouldn't be this difficult. I put up with it for a long time and I didn't want to do it anymore. [Now] we laugh, we work really hard, we have such a great time, and there's just no room for that."

The relative calm has allowed Zoe to focus on her many ongoing projects, including The Zoe Report and the Rachel Zoe Collection, her forthcoming retail line. "I'm beyond excited," she said of the collection. "That will probably launch about this time next year. There's going to be so many good things: Definitely lots of jumpsuits, capes, great evening wear. The perfect jacket of every kind, whether it's shearling or military or a great tuxedo jacket. A great suit, great cocktail dresses, and lots of accessories. I'm really happy to finally be doing it."

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