Credit: John Shearer/Getty

In ABC's Mommywood, Rachel Zoe lamented the lack of cute boys' clothes on the market, and offered up a solution of her own: a kids' clothing line! "Let me tell you, there's going to be a lot of boys' clothes in my line," Zoe says in this video clip from the special. We already thought baby Skyler Berman was the luckiest kid on the playground after his mom tweeted a picture of his first Louis Vuitton bag, and now we can't wait to see the chic kiddie clothes Zoe dreams up!

Update: We caught up with Rachel Zoe at Super Saturday this weekend, where the new mom cleared up her Mommywood quote. "I can't imagine that wouldn't be exciting and fun for me to do," Zoe said of designing a kids' line. "I wouldn't say no, but I'm not doing it today." Zoe did confirm that she's adding a new category to her clothing line, "I think jewelry is next," she said. "For sure. That'll be next year."