Rachel Roy
Credit: Startraks Photo; Getty Images

Stop putting your hand on your hip when you take pictures!” That’s the advice designer Rachel Roy gave Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan recently. Both celebrities put the strategy to work at an event for Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project this week—wearing Rachel Roy looks, of course—where they diligently kept their hands at their sides for photographers. “This was our first time on the carpet without our hand on our hip,” Union told “I felt a little less confident. I'd gotten used to posing that way.” Lathan agreed: “It was so hard. I went through withdrawal!” So why did Roy tell them to ditch the hand-on-hip moment? “I think she just thinks it is cooler when you're not looking like a pageant girl,” Union explained. “In this day and age of Toddlers and Tiaras, she's like, ‘Enough!’” Do you agree?

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Sharon Clott, with reporting by Lindzi Scharf