By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jan 03, 2019 @ 5:30 pm

An obvious perk of being an IRL queen is the amassed fortune and seemingly never-ending closet stuffed with ballgowns ... right? Alas, like everything else, it comes with a cost. Royals have been pushing the boundaries with their public where dollars and cents are concerned for ages (see: Eugenie's controversial wedding spending), and this week, it's Queen Rania of Jordan who is drawing ire.

Blogs estimated the cost of the royal's wardrobe — a subject of intense scrutiny and debate for years — and in an unusual move, Queen Rania actually responded to it.

Credit: Venturelli

“In recognition of Her Majesty’s interest in making the facts accessible to all to build their thoughts and opinions on them – positive or negative – we have decided to clarify some details on this subject,” the statement on Facebook read, adding that blogs only included the retail price of clothes, creating a "false impression of reality" since some of her clothing is loaned or gifted.

“The focus on clothing and spending wives of leaders in many countries and accusing them of wastefulness – whether right or wrong – is not new, and has been exploited as a historical political tool,” the statement continued. “Today, we see some in Jordan adopting this approach to portray Her Majesty the Queen as far from reality, far from the truth. So they may reject this clarification and question it in principle, in an effort to build a false public opinion.”

“Her Majesty is aware of the criticisms that have been circulating. I have previously emphasized that criticism is an integral part of public work and that it is with responsible criticism, respect and always takes it seriously and responds to it. Today, however, we find those who are not content with criticism, but even to the point of fabricating the information and resorting to the method of ridicule and mockery, which is unfortunate, contrary to the values ​​of our Jordanian society.”

It's quite unusual for a royal to release a personal statement like this. Maybe it's just enough to keep the critics quiet.