Why Queen Elizabeth's Mom Left More Money to Prince Harry Than Prince William

As the inheritors of a centuries-old monarchy, Prince William and Prince Harry are set for life when it comes to money. (Don't expect to see them pawning the crown jewels for some extra cash anytime soon.)

But even so, their late great grandma, the Queen Mother, wanted to make sure the boys were given an extra cushion of cash, just in case. That "extra cushion," by the way, is a cool $18 million, according to the BBC. No big deal.

While it seems natural for the two to split it evenly down the middle, great grandma didn't distribute the finances that way. In a move that might have royal fans crying favouritism, the BBC confirmed that Queen Elizabeth's mom left Prince Harry more money than she did Prince William.

But why?

Queen Mother lead
Sion Touhig/Getty Images

Before you get up in arms on Prince William's behalf (seriously, he'll be King of England someday, he's fine), there's a legitimate and considerate reason behind it. "The bulk of the cash will go to the younger brother, since William will benefit financially by becoming king," the BBC reported.

It does make sense. As Elle UK notes, even when Prince Charles becomes king, William will benefit more than Harry. Once Charles ascends the throne, William will take over a private estate called the Duchy of Cornwall, which is worth quite a bit of money. And even that pales in comparison to the fortune he'll gain once he becomes king himself.

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It seems that the Queen Mother was merely looking out for Prince Harry, who won't benefit monetarily in the same way as his brother. Way to keep things even, great grandma!

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