Queen Elizabeth's Obsession with Corgis Can Be Traced Back to Her Earliest Days as a Royal

Queen Elizabeth lead
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"My corgis are family," Queen Elizabeth once famously said about her beloved breed of dogs. More than 30 corgis have loyally stuck by her side throughout her reign of the British monarchy since 1952, and even before that, the Queen was a proud owner of the pooch as a young girl. At just seven years old, she was reportedly gifted her very first pup, a Pembroke Welsh corgi called Dookie.

From there, her affinity for the short-legged herding dogs grew strong. The Queen was so taken by her furry children that she allowed one of them — who went by Susan — accompany her and Prince Philip on their honeymoon. Sadly, Susan's final descendant, Willow was put to sleep last April after a long battle with cancer.

VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth's Best Corgi Moments

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth made the tough decision to stop breeding her corgis because "she didn't want to leave any young dog behind." However, she still cares for two corgi-dachshund mixes named Vulcan and Candy, who are probably celebrating their mum's 93rd birthday today with the rest of the royal family. Here, a look back at Queen Elizabeth's court-side companions over the years.

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A young Queen Elizabeth hugging Dookie in 1936

Royal Dog
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Queen Elizabeth affectionately holding her four-legged pooch

Princess Elizabeth
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Queen Elizabeth II and Susan at Windsor Castle in 1944

Princess Elizabeth And Sue
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Queen Elizabeth carries her corgi in Windsor Great Park, England

Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II walking her corgis at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II walking her dogs at Windsor Castle
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The Queen boards the Royal Train at Kings Cross with her pet corgi

Princess Elizabeth, together with her pet corgi.
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Queen Elizabeth poses with her corgis at Sandringham

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Queen Elizabeth takes her corgi for a walk in 1931

Princess Elizabeth of England takes her dog for a walk. Photograph. Around 1931.
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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with their corgi Sugar outside the George IV gateway at Windsor Castle

The Queen's Command
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Queen Elizabeth ll arrives at Aberdeen Airport with her corgis

Queen Elizabeth ll arrives at Aberdeen Airport...
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Queen Elizabeth and her two corgis at her childhood home in London

Princess And Corgis
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Queen Elizabeth sits in the garden with her two pet corgis

Princess And Dogs
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Queen Elizabeth and her corgi at Balmoral Castle in 1952

Queen Elizabeth in Garden with Dog
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Queen Elizabeth reads to her sister, while her corgi looks out the window at Windsor Castle

Princesses With Corgi
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Queen Elizabeth and her father, the Duke of York, hang out at home with their corgis

Dog Bench
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Queen Elizabeth II arrives at King's Cross railway with her brood of corgis

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at King's Cross railway
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A corgi hides under Queen Elizabeth's chair in the palace's study

Queen In Study
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