By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Aug 29, 2018 @ 3:15 pm

If you had all the money in the world à la Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl," wouldn't you want your wedding to be an expensive, elegant extravaganza? Well yeah, probably.

But that was not the case for Queen Elizabeth.

The queen had other factors to consider, all of which seriously limited how much she could spend on cake and gowns. In fact, Queen Elizabeth, a monarch with a net worth of $530 million, paid for her entire wedding gown using coupons.

The logical question when met with that bit of information is, um, why? Well, it's actually kind of the government's fault.

Credit: Hulton Archive

When she and Philip married in 1947, the post-World War II British government still rationed its citizens. And the queen herself wasn't exempt, meaning that to pay for her wedding dress, she had to save up her coupons just like any other person, as Market Watch reported.

She did get a little help though — the government gave her 200 bonus coupons, which allowed her to purchase the outfit's materials. It was a necessary gift, since her dress featured a whopping 13-foot-long train flowing behind it that probably wouldn't have been possible without the extra fabric.

Credit: Keystone/Getty Images

As Harper's Bazaar pointed out, the dress also featured 10,000 seed pearls imported from the U.S., which only further increased its cost.

If only you could still buy dresses via coupons nowadays. With Kate Middleton's wedding dress costing about $434,000, that level of extreme couponing is probably a practice that'll stay in the late '40s.