A Video of Queen Elizabeth Sparked Another Baby Sussex False Alarm

Our hearts can't handle this. 

Royal baby watch has, at this point, become an extreme sport — and this morning, we had another false alarm from eager U.K. onlookers.

On Friday, Queen Elizabeth's car was seen arriving at Windsor Castle, and a hawk-eyed onlooker told The Sun that he spotted some pink blankets in the vehicle — prompting him to declare that there was a baby in there. (The Sun also has the video and some screenshots, but it's hard to tell if there's really anything pink in the car.)

“We had got off the M4 and a police motorbike stopped us and asked us to pull to the left. Then we saw a vehicle that had pink paraphernalia at the back of the windscreen go past — it was going very slowly over speed bumps," he told The Sun. "It seemed like someone was in there who couldn't handle speed bumps — a baby. It seems to me that the baby is here and they haven't announced it yet."


But alas, the Queen was not en route to Frogmore Cottage, but on her way to present a service of the Royal Victorian Order at St. George’s Chapel.

So there you have it: No baby yet. The Palace confirmed as much earlier this week, and also told ET Canada that they would confirm to the media when Meghan goes into labor, so take any rumors with a grain of salt.

For now, we'll just have to sit tight. Ugh.

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