If you keep up with royal headlines, you'll recall that Queen Elizabeth surprisingly has a great sense of humor despite her proper appearance. From bursting out in laughter at her grandson Prince Harry's corny punchlines to owning the fact that she owns a fake hand-waving machine, Her Majesty loves to have a good chuckle every now and then. And now, her former police officer Richard Griffin is revealing a practical joke the Queen played on a group of tourists a few years back that puts all others to shame.

It's recently been reported that the Queen previously trolled some American sightseers wandering around Balmoral Estate. According to Griffin, the visitors approached her, asking if the Queen lived nearby, and the ruling monarch cheekily replied that yes, she had a house in the neighborhood.

The Queen Opens Flanders Field WW1 Memorial Garden
Credit: WPA Pool/Getty Images

“Have you ever met the Queen?” they followed up their line of questioning. “No,” she responded, before pointing at Richard, adding: “But he has.” Then, the group left, still clueless to the fact that they just interacted with the very Queen they were searching for.

While the Queen is an international icon, perhaps the tourists were unable to identify her because she wasn't wearing one of her signature brightly-colored coats and matching hats. Instead, she opted for a more laid-back look while in the countryside: a headscarf and tweed jacket.

Either way, who knew she was such a savage?