Queen Elizabeth Has Been Riding Horses Every Day During Quarantine

She turned 94 in April.

Queen Elizabeth might be 94, but she's doing more physical activity during quarantine than most of us (er, at least more than I am). Sources tell Vanity Fair, that the queen is in "good spirits" and has been riding horses daily.

In March, her majesty left Buckingham Palace to join Prince Philip at Windsor Castle where they have been isolating ever since.

Sources told VF that she's taking the pandemic seriously but is still looking forward to getting back to work. "She can’t be seen to be going against official government advice, but it’s fair to say she’s looking forward to getting back to normal,” they told them. “It’s a delicate line but I think we will see her doing private audiences again and more of the work we are used to seeing her do in public at some point in the future. She is still receiving her red Government boxes and having her weekly audience with the PM. There is no suggestion of her stepping back, she is very much fulfilling her duties as head of state.”

April and May are big birthday months for the royal family. The Queen turned 94 on April 21 and several of her grandchildren's birthdays followed (Louis turned two on April 23, Charlotte turned five on May 2, and Archie turned one on May 6). Though reports claim Queen Elizabeth will remain out of public life "indefinitely," the family has reportedly stayed connected via Zoom.

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