She did not seem thrilled. 

Donald Trump apparently made more than one gaffe during his state visit to the U.K. earlier this summer, and it sounds like the Queen wasn't exactly chuffed.

According to the Sunday Times, the Trumps insisted on flying to Buckingham Palace via helicopter twice in one day, apparently damaging the grass on the main lawn. The Times reports that the day after the Trumps flew in, the Queen expressed her distress over the matter with Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister, who was also present for a portion of the state visit.

“He had got off the plane and went straight to the palace to see the Queen, who led him out to the gardens and said: ‘Come and look at my lawn. It’s ruined,'" a source close to Morrison told the Times.

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Said Donald Trump
Credit: VICTORIA JONES/Getty Images

Not only is the main lawn a significant part of Buckingham Palace's appearance, it's where the Queen holds her annual garden parties, and where she walks her beloved Corgis.

During the trip, Trump also forgot about a gift he gave to Queen Elizabeth, leaving Melania to swoop in and save the day. Prior to the trip, the White House also made a gaffe in the Queen's title when announcing the visit.

Maybe that's part of why there were so many protests when the Trumps touched down in the U.K.