The Queen Is Reportedly Having a "Difficult Time" Amidst the Prince Andrew Scandal

Well, that, Brexit and royal feud rumors. 

2019 has been a long year for many of us — Queen Elizabeth included.

With all the drama surrounding Prince Andrew, rumors of rifts between the royal foursome, and, well, Brexit, the Queen is said to be having a hard time behind the scenes.

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly writing her annual Christmas speech at the moment, but with a tumultuous year for the royals, it hasn't been an easy one to write.

"We don’t know what the queen plans to say because we haven’t seen the speech yet. It’s still at a first-draft stage because of the election, but it probably hasn’t been the easiest speech to write," a royal source told Vanity Fair, adding, "It has been a very difficult time behind the scenes, and morale is at a bit of a low."

Although the speech will likely include family highlights like the birth of baby Archie and Princess Beatrice's engagement, the Queen is reportedly waiting on the results of Britain's general election to complete her draft.

On Thursday, Britain faces a pivotal general election that's been underscored by the country’s 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union. And in addition to Brexit, the Queen has had to reckon with personal family drama. Just a month ago, her son Prince Andrew faced a fallout from his close friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and subsequently has withdrawn from public royal duties and has been ousted from Buckingham Palace.

Not to mention, the year has been riddled with rumors of infighting within the family. Prince Harry and Prince William were rumored to be feuding, and Meghan Markle has been the subject of incessant negative press coverage — so much that she and Prince Harry sued the tabloids for printing what they claimed to be false stories about them.

The queen’s biographer Sally Bedell Smith told Vanity Fair that while "the scandal around Prince Andrew has been deeply disturbing," Prince Charles is helping his mother weather the storm, setting the stage for a (hopefully) much calmer 2020.

"The queen’s relationship with Charles is closer than ever, and he has settled into his role," Smith said. "He’s not the outspoken man he once was, and she admires him and what he is doing. He is representing her well. I think it must be a comfort that she knows he will be a good king. The line of succession is secure, and you can see the Cambridges getting into their roles as a future king and queen. I don’t see any ominous clouds on the horizon for 2020."

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