By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 06, 2018 @ 1:00 pm

The Queen’s mortal enemy is back.

Andrew Milligan - PA Images/Getty Images

Lover of both horses and corgis, Queen Elizabeth, faced off with the one being who’s ever disrespected Britain’s reigning monarch and lived to see day (except maybe Trump): Cruachan IV.

Cruachan IV is Scotland’s naughtiest Shetland pony, and there’s no telling how far he will go.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland’s mascot met with Queen E. last summer, rudely nibbling the bouquet of flowers she was holding at the time.

Jane Barlow - PA Images/Getty Images

Disdainful as his gesture was, the Queen bade him a second chance, meeting with the steed outside the gates of Balmoral on Monday.

Spoiler: Cruachan IV blew it.

Lacking all self-control, Cruachan relieved himself (we’re talking No. 2) right in front of HRH.

Assaulted by the smell (where’s the royal Febreze-sprayer??), the Queen turned away from the mess, praying the fibers of her bold blue suit would not be forever traumatized by the incident.

Andrew Milligan - PA Images/Getty Images

Know your place, Cruachan. May you never set hoof in Balmoral again!