Queen Elizabeth Has NO Time for This Naughty Pony

A word to the wise to humans and Shetland ponies alike: You don’t cross the Queen of England.

Queen Elizabeth met with a high-ranking pony by the name of Cruachan IV on Wednesday—he’s the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, ICYMI.

While the Queen is a known animal lover, she’s no pushover. If a pony, albeit a royal one, ticks her off, she’s going to put him in his place.

That’s precisely what happened when the monarch took a trip to Scotland’s Stirling Castle. Clad in a smart magenta jacket and matching hat, the long-reigning royal strolled toward the palace with a bouquet of flowers in hand. The queen stopped mid-stroll to greet Cruachan IV and that rascal tried to take a bite from her bouquet!

Queen Elizabeth and Pony - Embed
Jane Barlow/PA/AP

“Go away!” she shouted as she hid the flowers behind her back. “They always eat the flowers,” Queen E. lamented as she reached out to pat the pony on his nose.

The very best part? It was all caught on camera! Feast your eyes and ears on the queen’s epic takedown of Cruachan IV:


Yaaaas, Queen.

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