Queen Elizabeth Has Secretly Been a Meghan Markle Stan This Whole Time

Let's count the similarities between England's highest-ranking monarch and literally every granny we know: Being the helpful listening ear for her family? She's done it. Reserving the front-row seat to her grandkids' graduations? Covered. Saving the wrapping paper from Christmas gifts? She does that too. Truthfully, at this point it wouldn’t be shocking if she strolled into a royal event with Prince William’s T-ball picture attached to her lapel as a pin.

But this time she's truly out done herself, and it’s all for her new granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle. The matriarch has shown herself to be a Markle stan (not surprising, considering her relationship to Markle's dog), and the proof sits on her side table, to the right of a wooden lamp and an antique clock (that may or may not work, it's unclear).

Queen Elizabeth embed 2
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Eagle-eyed fans spotted a sweet snap of Markle and her new hubby Prince Harry in Queen Elizabeth's Buckingham Palace home, and it is indisputable physical proof that Queen Elizabeth has gone full grandma on Markle.

Meghan Harry Queen Elizabeth
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Sure, the focus of the picture might be on the diplomat Queen Elizabeth is meeting (his name is George Brandis, the Australian High Commissioner to the U.K., for what it's worth), but between the table littered with family photos and the queen's modest floral dress, it's hard not to feel at home.

The particular photo of Meghan and Harry that Queen Elizabeth favors has never been shared publicly before, but it sits right at the front of the table. In it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wear navy and pale blue as they hug each other, so if you were looking for confirmation that Elizabeth adores Meghan like family, look no further.

It's further proof that just like many other grandmas around the world, she is her grandchildren's number one fan.

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