Queen Elizabeth Opens Up About One "Horrible" Aspect of Her Coronation

Queen Elizabeth will have you know that royal life isn't always as cushy as it might seem. In a preview for an upcoming documentary about her coronation, the British monarch reflects on the momentous day more than 60 years ago—including one aspect that wasn't so great.

The new documentary is called The Coronation, and it will air on the Smithsonian Channel on January 14. In the film, the reigning monarch offers commentary on her coronation in 1953, as well as her thoughts on the amazing Crown Jewels.

Chris Jackson/Getty

According to People, the film features some of Queen Elizabeth's candid memories about the big day, including her take on the extravagant horse-drawn carriage that brought her through London back to Buckingham Palace. It was “horrible,” according to the Queen. “It’s only sprung on a lever. Not very comfortable.”

While talking about St. Edward’s Crown, which she donned during her coronation, the Queen mentions that “there are some disadvantages to crowns." Namely, this one in particular weighs 4 pounds! Talk about some heavy headgear.

Watch the new trailer for The Coronation:

We can't wait to hear more of the Queen's memories about such a historic day.

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