By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jul 13, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

If you're ever lucky enough to meet a member of the royal family, there are a slew of rules that go along with it, but the cardinal one is probably "be on time." Nobody likes the queen to be kept waiting, but it looked like that happened for a brief moment when Queen Elizabeth met Donald and Melania Trump at Windsor Castle on Friday.

Queen Elizabeth watch lead
Credit: WPA Pool

The queen stood by herself in front of her guards for a solid few minutes as she waited for the Trumps to arrive, at one point even glancing at her watch to check the time.

Before you break out your best embarrassed sigh though, it looks like the Trumps were actually right on time, at least, according to their presidential schedule. At exactly 12 p.m. ET, they exited their car and began their official greeting with the queen, which means they were not late.

So why was the queen standing out there by herself beforehand? Perhaps she wanted to be early, or just wanted a good first look at the Cold Stream military band that performed the U.S. national anthem for the trio once they all arrived. The world may never know, but at least the visit timing worked out alright ... even if it did run 17 minutes over.